Group photo ('19.07.10)

We took group photos for album.

Farewell party ('19.03.18)


Osaka Univ. DAY@EXPOCITY ('18.11.17)

We participated the event held at LaLaport EXPOCITY and We exhibited the optical tweezers experience booth.

The 2nd NCTU-JSPS Ishihara Project Workshop ('18.09.21-22)

We held the 2nd NCTU-JSPS Ishihara Project Workshop with Taiwan, National Chiao Tung Univ. in Osaka Univ.

Sightseeing in Shiga ('18.07.22)

We went to a day trip in Shiga and enjoyed Zip Line.

International Conference EXCON 2018 ('18.07.08-13)

We all participated in International Conference, "The 12th International Conference on Excitonic and Photonic Processes in Condensed Matter and Nano Materials (EXCON 2018)" held in Nara Kasugano International Forum/Japan.

Encouragement rally ('18.07.04)

Masuhara-Juku・Summer-Course・Workshop ('18.06.25-27)

M1 Kato and B4 Tamaki taked part in Masuhara-Juku・Summer-Course・Workshop held in Taiwan, National Chiao Tung University.

NCTU-JSPS Ishihara Project Workshop ('18.06.8-10)

Prof. Ishihara, Assist. Prof. Yokoyama, and Mr. Tao participated in Workshop with Taiwan, National Chiao Tung University.

Group photo Normal ver. ('18.04.17)


Farewell Party ('18.03.12)

We held the farewell party for members leaving labratory. Thank you until now!

Welcome Party ('17.12.06)

We held a welcome party for Mr. Tao with Japanese nabe.

The Hattori Hokokai Award party ('17.10.06)

Assist. Prof. Yokoyama would be supported by The Hattori Hokokai Foundation. And had a speech as a granted researcher at the award party.

Journal introduce presentation ('17.08.30)

We held a laboratory session to introduce scientific articles by all bachelroar students at Osaka Univ. and Osaka Pref. Univ.

BBQ party ('17.08.30)

All Bachelroar students have passed a master course exam. Conglatulations!! We have enjoryied a BBQ party.

High school-Univ. joint seminar ('17.08.10)

We have demonstrated a Laser pinn-set for micro particle in pure water on a microscope. This demonstration has done with high school techers who have prepared each sample. When the Laser is focused, an attractive force works on the micro particle in addition to the scatterintg ofrce by light.

Group photo Normal ver. ('17.05.16)


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